Minutes - June 25, 2004  
Secretary Janice Frost explained the sign-up papers being passed around with the attendance list. i.e. a card for President Tom Sexton who is recovering from a stroke, a paint-out planned at the Pefley home on July 14th (must sign in as the area has a guarded-gate entrance), the paint-outs with the Campbells to Hope Valley in August and September. Janice also passed out a new CVAA Schedule for the months of July and August.
       23 members and guests were in attendance. Mickie announced that treasurer Beth Bosmans could not attend because her father passed away suddenly and she was with the family in preparation for funeral services. Send condolences to her and family at P.O. Box 742, Minden, NV 89423.
JULY 4 – GENOA "Pops in the Park" Silent Auction
Linda Townsend, co-chairman for the Silent Auction for the Reno Philharmonic Concert in Genoa, requested more donated paintings to be auctioned off and gave her phone number saying she would be willing to go to the artists home to pick up the donated painting. It helps with the cost to bring the Reno Philharmonic down. Janice reminded everyone that last month’s demo painting by artist Gary Jenkins will be in the Silent Auction. This provides a great opportunity to pick up one of his original paintings for a good price as well as do something for a worthy cause.
DIANE CAMPBELL - Paint-out events.
       Diane announced that they could have more artists at the Greenhouse Garden Center in Carson City August 21st for a paint-out demonstration that the public can observe. The center has beautiful flowers and plants to paint, is a gorgeous setting for a paint-out.
       She also mentioned the two paint-outs with the llamas to Hope Valley; one on August 25th and the other September 30th. A map of the areas will be in the August newsletter. Diane and Chuck take groups out with their llamas on a continual basis from Sorensons just south of Hope Valley. Their schedule is there. She welcomed any artist to join these groups if they wish.
Gordon gave a report on the state of the CVAA website. At this point in time, since most members have dial-up modems, he would like to have the CVAA newsletter in text form, for quicker downloading.
       He is requesting all members to send him info he can put on the webpage. Workshops, classes, exhibits, art shows.
       He asked members if placing some of the minutes in would be acceptable. The website is visited by others out there in the computer world and they might become interested in the CVAA activities. The suggestion was OK’d.
       He is encouraging other art websites to link to cvart.org. Increased number of links will increase search engine access. It also expands the information on art projects in northern Nevada which artists would be interested in going to or be involved in. The members were in agreement.
Member Ron Funk, and a member of the Genoa Historical Courthouse Association, gave an interesting talk on the historical building. The Genoa Board agreed that it would be very nice to have a display of six to eight paintings on the walls in the building and would the CVAA like to have the responsibility of providing the paintings. The members OK’d the idea.
       Mickie Fowler suggested the Board meet with Ron and work out the details and let every one know the decision. The next Board meeting is July 6th. Janice said the decision would be placed in the next newsletter. Gordon will place it on the www.cvart.com website.
Mickie had three items she felt needed to be placed on the agenda.
1. WNCC Hangings – Weds., June 30 9:30 – 11:30 a.m. Bob Tompkins will bring a ladder for hanging the paintings, Ric Rose will assist. Mickie, Janice, Mary Sandhagen and Marge Leslie will help sign artists in.
2. CHRISTMAS PARTY - The usual time CVAA sets up for Christmas party has been taken by others for the CVIC Hall. Mickie presented some available times and it was decided that the best time would be Sunday December 5th, 6:00 p.m. It is the day after The Kid’s Craft Show
3. SCHOLARSHIP SHOW - Mickie was adamant about getting someone else besides Margaret Biggs, Beth Bosmans and Mickie to be in charge of the Scholarship Show. She passed around a paper for members to sign up as a chairman of one of the three important jobs.

      a. Chair of the Show
      b. Chair of the Raffle
      c. Chair of the Flea Market (Eileen Merrill and Diane Campbell will chair this)

Margaret and Beth assured Janice that they will still be happy to hang the show.

       Nancy reported on the recent and very successful CVAA trip to the Nevada Museum of Art and the "Impressionists" exhibit. Car-pooling went smoothly. The group of 20 had a great time and lunch was most enjoyable. The docent met us promptly at 11:00 a.m. and took us to the different rooms of display. By 12:30 p.m., we gathered at the Café Muse for lunch. President Tom’s suggestion that we fill in menu orders beforehand and turn them in to the chef-owner Robin of Café Muse went extremely well as she had our orders ready by the time we were ready to eat . The awesome "Albert Bierstadt – "Sierra Nevada in California" painting was worth the price of entrance and more. Go to http://www.masterworksartgallery.com/bierstadt to view this painting.
       Nancy also told about her trip to Caesar’s in Tahoe where she saw plein-air artists’ paintings of the Tahoe area in an impressionistic form and said the works were incredible. The exhibit had a continental breakfast along with entrance price of $15. The owner of Caesars is a plein-air artist himself. Nancy brought along some brochures from this exhibit. She also brought in workshop dates for well-known artists, Lee, Laitinen, Nicholas, Hughes September 13-17; Sept 20-24; Sept 27-31 for a cost of $375 for 5 days.
Janice showed everyone the newsletter picture and compared it to "cute" Nancy Kilberg. Everyone noticed she hadn’t changed a bit.
       Kate brought several of her paintings in different stages of completion and talked about good composition and planning your painting. Without good composition, the values are not working nor are the aerial perspectives. She showed us the tools to use to get people to look at your painting.
       Paintings should have either an "L" shape pattern, an "O" shape, and "S" or "Z" shape pattern to bring your eye into and around the picture. This can be done with lines or color or both.
       She mentioned two outstanding artists you can find on the internet to study their use of these techniques to make their paintings ones to study. Steve Quiller, and Tony Crouch.
       She also stated that the hardest part of doing the painting is the finishing work, putting in the details. Gordon Pefley suggested that in Photoshop, one can use a "wacom tablet" to work on different ways to finish a painting. See: http://www.wacom.com.  An artist in Maui uses this, and it can be done in a graphics’ program such as PhotoShop or PhotoDraw.

Kate Aubrey critiqued a couple of paintings Janice Frost had brought in so that Kate could give the audience a sense of good framing. Janice had cut out everything but one focal point – the barn - which left the viewer stuck there. When the frame was removed, the eye entered the painting via a light line going toward the barn, had a sense of where the barn was. The eye moved around the picture from one place to another….all connected one to another via line or color.
Kate teaches art classes and can be reached at moonhawkstudios@sbcglobal.net, on line at http://katcaubrey.tripod.com or by phone at 853-7996

VICE PRESIDENT BOB TOMPKINS THANKED THE GUEST ARTIST AUBREY for her presentation and members responded favorably with strong clapping. Afterwards, Bob invited folks to partake in refreshments.
REFRESHMENTS AND SOCIALIZING.    Delicious goodies and lemonade were brought in by Nancy Kilberg and Diane Campbell. Thank you ladies.
. . . . . .Submitted by Secretary Janice Frost

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