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Message from the President

Due to the flu, I missed the first meeting of the year. I am looking forward to the February meeting when I can meet everyone. I hope to have a good and successful year this 2005. We are going to have some wonderful demonstrations and art shows to offer everyone. Last years’ "Mini Show" was amazingly wonderful, for us a first show of its kind, and I know this years will be even better as well as the shows at WNCC College and C.V.I.C. Hall. We have great talented artists with this group.  I hope to see more of this talent this coming year
.…….Your President, Mechele Johnson

From the Treasurer – Helen Martin
Just a reminder for those who have not yet paid their dues. Tie a string around your finger. This will be the last newsletter until dues are paid.

Make checks payable to CVAA Treasurer
Mail the check to:
P.O. Box 2048, Gardnerville, NV 89410

From the Newsletter Editor - Janice
Any news for the Newsletter must be sent to Janice Frost by the 10th of each month. Mail to P.O. Box 1444, Minden, NV 89423 or email at calfrost@charter.net

From the Hostess – Nancy Kilburg
Refreshment Schedule

  February - Orla Onken and Janet Brach
 March - Ann LaMonica
April – Nancy Clarke
May - Marge Buttles/ Luetta Bergevin
June - Linda Townsend
July - Beth Bosmans
August - Alice Kaufmann
Sept - Janice Frost
Oct - Helen Fanning
Nov - Mary Sandhagen

      Carson City/Dayton on Channel 10
Thur at 5:00 pm; Sat at 6:30 pm; Sun at 3:30 pm
Minden/Gardnerville on Channel 26
Mon and Sat at 12:30 pm
Reno/Sparks on Channel 16
Sunday at 7:00 p.m.

  February 25 Meeting
1:30 p.m. Minden Library
Program by Artist Jan Rollenhagen
Jan specializes in pastels and beautiful paper sculptures which can be viewed at both the East Fork Gallery where she is a member and at the Desert Edge Framing and Gallery on 3399 N. Carson St in Carson City.She has a website at:
Come and enjoy the program, the meeting and dessert provided by Orla and Janet.

                         Miniature Show
   is a  go !
The East Fork Gallery Board voted to repeat last years Miniature Show and hold it sometime in May since it was such a success. CVAA is looking forward to  working with the gallery on the project. So all CVAA artists are encouraged to start painting and framing their miniature paintings…size 5" x 7" image or less.
       Frames can be any size. Have them ready for the judged show. Any media is acceptable.

                  WNCC In-House Art Show
MARCH 1, Tuesday, 10:30
Paintings will hang the month of March
(For CVAA members only.)
Bring a limit of two paintings to be hung in the hallway of WNCC Douglas County on Buckeye Road in Minden (near Bentley Bldg) between the hours of 10:30 am and 12:00 noon.

       One of the paintings will be given to a local business or public office for their use and the lucky artist will be presented with a $200 check for the painting by CVAA. Last year’s selection was Linda Townsends’ painting and the Town of Minden received the picture.

At the February 25th meeting, members will vote on who shall receive a CVAA painting.


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Minutes of January Meeting

Forty members and guests were in attendance.  It began with the Induction Ceremony of new officers: Mary Sandhagen, Vice President, Nancy Clarke, Secretary; Helen Martin, Treasurer. New President Mechele John was home recovering from the flue. Each received a fresh carnation and a special name card from Induction Chairman, Janice  Frost and assisted by Beth Bosmans.

Demonstrator Ginger Rose, watercolorist, showed us how to paint pansies. She emphasized "practicing" to learn how water acts on paper and how it affects the paint. She started with the flowers and the large petal of each bloom, doing a semi wet on wet technique It was most enjoyable. Refreshments followed.

The business meeting started at 3:00 pm with Mary Sandhagen presiding. A card was passed to be signed for Tom Sexton who had a stroke a few months ago.

Helen Martin gave the treasurer’s report. She reported that checks will be mailed to two of our CVAA Art School Scholarship winners. One in Oregon, the other in California.

Jan Rollenhagen will be our February demonstrator, talking about framing miniatures and pricing paintings.

The Carson Valley Museum and Cultural Center likes our paintings hung on the walls and asked that they be left up through the middle of February. We are to pick them up at any time that week and sign the "sign-out" booklet the Hostess at the center has at her desk.

Linda made a motion to do the Miniatures Show again at the East Fork Gallery in May. Janice seconded the motion. Mickie filled in more information about the Miniature Show. New members would like more specific information on events be brought up at the meetings. This sounded like a good idea to most.

(At board meeting it was decided to bring a flyer-type information sheet to each meeting for new members.)

CVAA will have the annual show at the WNCC (Western Nevada Community College) in March called the "In-House Art Show". Two paintings per artist.

A local organization interested in the Arts (selected by members at the February meeting) will choose a painting for their use. All paintings are for sale.

  The artist whose painting gets chosen by the selectee will be given $200 by CVAA. Beth was nominated to chair this show and will bring in names of these organizations for the CVAA members to vote on at the next meeting which will be the recipient of a painting of their choice.

Mary suggested that demo-artists be reimbursed for
gas mileage if driving from Reno or Markleville. Nancy Kilburg suggested $40 for gas to demonstrators coming a distance. Beth spoke up saying we are already spending what our budge can afford on speaker fees. Demonstrator Ginger Rose thought the present fee of $35 was enough, remarking that she considered it an honor to be asked. Others suggested we raise the membership fee to $25. Mickie replied, the artist has the option of either doing the demo for $35 or refusing." Lynn Kelly moved we leave it at $35. It was seconded and approved.

Mickie Fowler, a former President, said all correspondence should be sent to the CVAA Post Office Box 2048 which is our business address printed on the top of the monthly Newsletter.

It was suggest to have another art show at the Genoa Musem in Genoa and at the Carson Valley Museum and Cultural Center. Mary Sandhagen will ask Ron Funk about the Genoa Museum and Janice will contact the CVMCC (Carson Valley Museum and Cultural Center.  The meeting was adjourned.
 Respectfully submitted by Nancy Clarke, Secretary

Mark Tompkins will be giving an oil workshop,
Saturday, March 26th at 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. at
the Brewery Arts Center
. Fee for the class is $50
Students need to bring their oil supplies, oil paints,
turpentine, paper towels. All other supplies will be proviPded. No canvases are required.

For further information, call:

Mark Tompkins - 783-4046

(Seating is Limited)


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Hwy 395, Gardnerville, NV
Sunday, March 20       12:00 to 5:00 p.m.
Refreshments will be served
Everyone is invited.

Artist Becky Stockwell and Photographer Heather Dawson will be featured. Becky captures scenes of the Carson Valley in watercolor and oils. Heather’s dramatic photos of the Eastern Sierras along with pre-tsunami Thailand shots taken last summer will be on display.

Established in 1979, the East Fork is a non-profit cooperative, carrying the work of 25 artists.

Open 7 days a week from l0:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Located at 1503 Highway 395, Gardnerville
For details, call 782-7629

Respectfully submitted by:  Jo Linda Smith
Gallery – 782-7629
Home – 266-3658
Feb. 22-24 - Remove paintings from CV Museum
Feb. 25 - Meeting at Minden Library
Mar. 1 - Hang paintings at WNCC
Mar. 7 - Board Meeting
Mar. 20 - East Fork Gallery Reception
Mar. 25 - Meeting at Minden Library
Mar. 26 - Mark Tompkins Workshop
Mar. 31 - Remove paintings from WNCC
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Gordon Pefley has updated the website and has included the WINNERS of the recent

Feb 5th Judged Show at NAA
(Brewery Arts Center)
winners also CVAA members

To check them out, go to


Board Meeting: Monday, March 7th at home of Mary Sandhagen. 10-12 noon. If interested in attending, please call Mary.




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