Minutes of CVAA Meeting - Feb. 25 2005

President Mechele called the meeting to order at 1:30 P.M.

The minutes for the January meeting were read.

It was announced that the Miniature show will be May 17th for entries and hanging and will last 6 weeks. . It will be held at the East Fork Gallery on Hwy 395 in Gardnerville.

The "In-House" WNCC show will start on Tuesday March 1st. Entries will be taken from 9:30 to 12 noon. Beth Bosmans had slips for voting for recipient of painting and explained about them. The candidates were: the Town of Minden, Record Courier, Douglas County Commissioners, Douglas County Library. She also explained that there is no charge to artists for this show and that 15% goes to CV AA. The Town of Minden was chosen as the recipient of a painting or photograph.

A schedule of CV AA shows was handed out to new members. It was an abbreviated description of the shows. New members wanted more information; i.e. number of pieces to enter and size limitation and more specific dates. Corrections were made and noted.: such as including photos in WNCC shows, that all shows are juried, meaning that the show committee can jury out art that is deemed inappropriate and that two shows are judged by a judge (The Mini Show and the Scholarship Show) and that the Flea Market is at the Scholarship Show and not at the Carson Valley Days Show.

Margaret Biggs described the Carson Valley Days Show and answered questions from new members. The dates of the show are June 9th 12th. Fees are $5 per entry. Entry date is June 9th.

Ralph Phillips, a guest, spoke of his qualifications for making videos of Art Association events. He offered to do this for CV AA. He does need money to start and suggested getting 6 or 4 businesses to underwrite or $200 to get going. He has videos of art or artists demos at $29.95.

One of our new members asked for copies of the Constitution and Bylaws. Orla Onken explained that the bylaws were very confusing and that she would work with anyone to help organize them.

Helen Martin said she would see that copies would be provided to anyone interested.

The treasurer's report was given by Helen Martin.

Respectfully submitted by Nancy Clarke

April Meeting will be on April 15th

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