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January 2006 NEWLETTER

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President Beth Bosmans 782-5606
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Treasurer Helen Martin 782-8852
Secretary Ron Clarke 782-8035

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January 27,2006
Time: 1:30 PM
Where: Minden Library
Demonstration by Pam Brekas
Abstract painting


Happy New Year
Committee Chairs
Janice Frost 783-9626

Historian & Newspaper Editor
Helen Fanning – 267-9149
Email to: or
Snail Delivery to 2801 Wildhorse Lane
Minden, NV 89423-8844

Mini Show
Nancy Kilburg—783-3462

Carson Valley Show
Margaret Biggs 265-3867

H.S. Scholarship Committee
Beth Bosmans 782-5606

Message from the President

We need people to send in art hints, quotes, jokes or drawings to make our newsletter interesting. On-going Scholarship winners of $500.00 are Jamie Swift going to WNCC and will be going to UNR. Her art field is undetermined at this time. Keith Newman attending UNR, his art field is photo journalism. We only had these two apply. Now for my message, I hope everyone had a great holiday. It’s now time to think about events that will be happening this year and how each one of us can do a little something to make them a success. When many people do a little it makes it easier and less stressful for those who chose to take on an office or chair a committee. Working together makes things fun and we get to make new friends.

Here are some ways to help out. We need another person to be host or hostess with Nancy Kilburg, and on-going scholarship chairperson is needed, someone is needed to contact the high school welding teachers in the surrounding area if any of their students are interested in entering a metal sculpture contest with prize money offered, and a Scholarship Show Chairperson with someone to help do the Raffle. If you have any questions call me at 782-5606

Beth Bosman President

Membership Dues Are Due now
It's a new year and we all need to send in our membership money.  The dues are now $25.00 for Single Membership, $30.00 for Family Membership, and $5.00 for Junior Membership (High School and under).  Please mail your check to CVAA, POBox 2048, Gardnerville, NV 89410.

Featured Artist
Helen Fanning will be the featured artist at WNCC the month of February. Check out the halls of the campus college and see the collection of pastel and acrylic paintings. My website is Over 100 paintings are on the site.

NAA Show
Nevada Artist Association show is running until February 11, 2006. At 10:00 till 2:00 PM is receiving for the Spring Judged show. If you want to enter the judged show please bring them between those hours on 2-11-06.
The Spring Show will be from 2-11 thru 3-26-2006

Pam Brekas Bio

Active in Nevada Artists Association, Carson Valley Art Association and several art leagues in California, Brekas has been actively showing her paintings in judged and juried shows for the past five years. In 2002 she won an award for experimental art in Livermore which got her really started showing and selling. She has won over forty awards for paintings and digital photography since 2001.

Retired from teaching art and English in Livermore for 35 years, Pam moved to Gardnerville last year. With a college major in English and a minor in art, Brekas is primarily self-taught in her current painting style, Brekas tackles her paintings with rollers, scrapers, spatulas, and a seldom-used brush. The approach allows for layering and a fluid style. For people who prefer color, texture and movement, she paints. For those who prefer to know what the subject is, she uses digital photography and the computer. She is a frequent contributor to the "Capital Snaps" section of the Nevada Appeal.

Her work can be seen at the Brewery Arts Center Gallery in Carson City, East Fork Gallery in Gardnerville and Artistic Viewpoints Gallery in Gardnerville where she will give a one-day workshop on Feb. 4. Brekas is also involved in the Carson Valley Arts Council.

       My art leads me on a journey. I let the muse inside me loose with the paint, and I never know what will come out. Color, texture, and movement are extremely important to me; contrast and a focal point need also be considered. I let the medium take me along for the ride. Occasionally images show up in my paintings, and I don’t try to force them. Since I figured out how to work in this abstracted arena, I have found that I can complete work. It doesn’t sit half finished in the closet. The paintings tell me when they are done, when they want another layer of paint, or where I should define them. I enjoy painting, trying to figure out which way is up in the work, and what to name the art. It’s a wonderful creative game.      e-mail

Last November Secretary Minutes
CVAA Nov. board meeting.
       Janice will chair the Kids Craft Fair, held on Saturday Dec. 3rd from 4-8. Volunteers will meet at the CVIC Hall at 3pm to set up. There is a need for more volunteers. We will discuss the Fair at the Nov. general meeting. Will call Diane Campbell about using the llamas.
       It was suggested that we put Kate Aubrey’s' comments on the scholarship show entries in Newsletter.
The CVAA Christmas party is on Dec. 4th. We will ask Nancy Kilburg to chair. We can leave tables and chairs from Kids' Fair up for the party. It is, as usual, pot luck with a white elephant gift exchange. Instead
of everyone bringing in canned goods, it was agreed on to buy $30 worth of groceries out of CVAA budget instead.
       The financial report of the CVAA Scholarship Show was given by Helen Martin, as of Saturday of the show. She will have a complete report soon.
       Beth will put letter in the Newsletter thanking the volunteers at the Scholarship Show.
It was suggested and agreed upon to give the Library a check for $200 to buy art books for the Library. The money would come out of the general account.
       The demo for the Nov. meeting will be copper enameling by Joan Schlaifer and Camille Howard. Members will vote on new slate of officers at the Nov. meeting. For next years Show it was discussed to have categories for awards or leave it as is with less recognition.

Respectfully submitted,
Nancy Clarke, Secretary

CVAA Nov. general meeting
Michele was absent for surgery on her arm. Mary Sandhagen presided in her place. She called the meeting to order at 1:30. She introduced the Librarian and presented her with a check for $200 to purchase art books for the Library
       Helen gave the treasurers report. The slate of new officers for next year was presented and voted on. It was unanimous. Dec. 3rd will be the Kids Craft Fair at the CVIC Hall from 4 to 8pm. Volunteers to help come at 3pm. The 4-H Club will do Santa and help at tables. They will do a presentation on stage after the crafts. Janice is the chair for this event.
       Dec. 4th is the CVAA Christmas Pot Luck and white elephant gift exchange. Nancy Kilburg and Margaret Biggs will co-chair the event. Janice will lead us in Carols. Members are urged to bring good Holiday stories and jokes.
       Lynn will keep the East Fork Gallery open for the Parade of Lights from 5 to 8 on Sat. Dec.3rd.
The next general meeting will be on Jan.27th with president Beth Bosmans presiding.

Merry Christmas!
Nancy Clarke, Secretary.

Demonstration for the Nov. CVA meeting.
       We had a very interesting demo on copper enameling by Joan Schlaifer and Camille Howard. Camille painted designs on some of the pieces for Joan to fire in the kiln.
       Joan explained the different processes of the craft. There are many techniques and she demonstrated a few. First the copper piece has to be clean so the paint will adhere. Sometimes she sprays the paint with water to cause changes in the paint. The chemicals in the water cause the changes.
       She likes to enamel both sides of the copper plate. This will keep the enamel layers on the front from cracking. Joan had her kiln preheated and she says a piece may take about 2 minutes. It becomes a watch and wait game.
       A few techniques are Black Line or dark line designs using separation enamel will give a marbled look. Stencil designs Silk screen Photographs, which is difficult, using a negative on photo sensitive paper, on a steel tile. May use black line to enhance.
The enamel or glass comes in a powdered form and is called "frit". Enamel paint can be used and is not glass.
       Joan offered to do a work shop for any one interested.

Carson Valley Art Association
P.O. Box 2048
Gardnerville, NV 89410

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