Pam Brekas on Abstract painting Minden Library1:30 PM
Active in Nevada Artists Association, Carson Valley Art Association and several art leagues in California, Brekas has been actively showing her paintings in judged and juried shows for the past five years. In 2002 she won an award for experimental art in Livermore which got her really started showing and selling. She has won over forty awards for paintings and digital photography since 2001.
       Retired from teaching art and English in Livermore for 35 years, Pam moved to Gardnerville last year. With a college major in English and a minor in art, Brekas is primarily self-taught in her current painting style, Brekas tackles her paintings with rollers, scrapers, spatulas, and a seldom-used brush. The approach allows for layering and a fluid style. For people who prefer color, texture and movement, she paints. For those who prefer to know what the subject is, she uses digital photography and the computer. She is a frequent contributor to the "Capital Snaps" section of the Nevada Appeal.
Her work can be seen at the Brewery Arts Center Gallery in Carson City, East Fork Gallery in Gardnerville and Artistic Viewpoints Gallery in Gardnerville where she will give a one-day workshop on Feb. 4. Brekas is also involved in the Carson Valley Arts Council.
       My art leads me on a journey. I let the muse inside me loose with the paint, and I never know what will come out. Color, texture, and movement are extremely important to me; contrast and a focal point need also be considered. I let the medium take me along for the ride. Occasionally images show up in my paintings, and I donít try to force them. Since I figured out how to work in this abstracted arena, I have found that I can complete work. It doesnít sit half finished in the closet. The paintings tell me when they are done, when they want another layer of paint, or where I should define them. I enjoy painting, trying to figure out which way is up in the work, and what to name the art. Itís a wonderful creative game.   e-mail

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