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February 2006 NEWSLETTER

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February 24,2006
Time: 1:30 PM
Where: Minden Library

Demonstration by Anne Armijo
       Working primarily in watercolor, she often includes fanciful hidden images and icons in her paintings.

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The dues are now $25.00 for Single Membership, $30.00 for Family Membership, and $5.00 for Junior Membership (High School and under).  Please mail your check to CVAA, PO Box 2048, Gardnerville, NV 89410.

Committee Chairs

Publicity, Janice Frost 783-9626

Historian & Newspaper Editor
Helen Fanning Ė 267-9149
Email to: or
Snail Delivery to 2801 Wildhorse Lane   Minden, NV 89423-8844

Mini Show Nancy Kilburgó783-3462

Carson Valley Show Margaret Biggs 265-3867

H.S. Scholarship Committee Beth Bosmans 782-5606

Refreshment for Feb. meeting are Janice Frost and Orla Onken;

Message from the President

WOW! What a great first meeting to start the new year. We had a great attendance and a great demonstration. We still need someone to design our poster for the High School concerning our two $1000 scholarships. Please call me if you are interested in helping.

Reiko has written up a flyer to the high school's welding teachers for students interested in entering our metal sculpture contest during our Carson Valley Days Show. We haven't heard from anyone willing to chair our Scholarship Show in Nov. Why don't two of you out there come forward to co-chair the show? We do have people willing to work and help, also we have a guide to help organize the show.

Hopefully everyone is working on a picture or two for our March In House Show at WNCC. At our Feb. meeting we will vote on which business, public or medical facility will be the recipient of a painting donated by us. Those facilities  nominated are The Town of Minden, Douglas County Library, and The Record Courier. If you have another you wish to add, bring it up at the meeting.

We are planning a field trip to the Nevada Museum of Art in Reno---more info to come. We'll keep you up-dated.  Beth       

Ann LaMonica's loss of her husband ; and Bob Tompkin's wife Bunny is recovering from a stroke. Our prayers and wishes are with them. If you want to know more on Bob's wife you could call him, he seems to be doing fine and she is too.

Beth Bosman President

Membership Dues Are Due now

It's a new year and we all need to send in our membership money.  The dues are now $25.00 for Single Membership, $30.00 for Family Membership, and $5.00 for Junior Membership (High School and under).  Please mail your check to CVAA, POBox 2048, Gardnerville, NV 89410.

Featured Artist

Helen Fanning will be the featured artist at WNCC the month of February. Check out the halls of the campus college and see the collection of pastel and acrylic paintings. My website is Over 100 paintings are on the site.

NAA Show

The Nevada Artist Association show is great and all the ribbons are up. Take a drive to Kingís street and see the Brewery Art Show for the next 6 weeks. Some of the winners are Best of Show Mary Sandhagen Ann Cameron, Ric Rose, Pam Brekas, Sabina Bye, Linda Townsend and Renee Eckleberry.

Anne Hassrick Armijo Bio

Anne Armijo is a resident of Minden. She is active in the Nevada Artists Association and a member of the Carson Valley Artists Association. She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Colorado, and studied commercial art and graphic design at the Colorado Institute of Art. Her paintings are in collections in the United States from the east coast to the west.

Growing up on a cattle ranch in Colorado, developed an appreciation of nature, which underlies her mainly representational style. Natureís images, subjects, colors, shapes, light and shadow are prevalent in her work. Working primarily in watercolor, she often includes fanciful hidden images and icons in her paintings. Her work is a process of evolution, constantly changing as she experiments with combining unlikely materials such as sewing, beadwork and batik techniques to depict subtle images of light and shadow in the subject matter.

Her work is on display at the Nevada Artists Association Gallery located at 449 W. King Street in Carson City, Monday through Saturday from 10 A.M. to 4 P.M. Note cards are available with images of several paintings represented. She also shows work with the Carson Valley Art Association at the Western Nevada Community College, and CVIC hall in Minden.

Secretary Minutes

CVAA Board Meeting - 1/5/06 - 10:10 - Douglas County Parks & Rec Offices Attending:

***********  Beth Bosman, Pres.
                 Mechele Johnson, V.P.
                 Helen Martin, Tres.
                 Ron Clarke, Sec.

Member Show at WNCC, Minden on 3/1 - 3/31. Receiving is 10:00 to 11:30 on 3/1/06. All 2D media, including photos, will hang along the hall. A painting will be selected, as a donation from CVAA to a local group, from this show.The artist will receive $200. Take down 10:00 to 11:30 on 3/31. Need help with the hanging.

CVAA Mini Show at the East Fork Gallery on 5/16 to 7/18. Nancy Kilberg is the Chair. There will be no photos in this show. There will be a 1st Place Ribbon in 5 categories; plus 6 Honorable Mention Ribbons scattered throughout the categories. The reception will be 5/21 and will be organized by Janice Frost.
Carson Valley Day Show on June 8-11/06, Margaret Biggs is Chair. There will be a People's Choice Ribbon awarded at the end of the show. We are
still trying to get commitments& entries for the Student Metal Sculpture Competition, for which Knox Johnson has donated prize money. We need to get the schools (Carson Valley, Carson City, Stateline and Smith Valley) to help publicize the competition in their Art and Welding classes.
CVAA & NAA Combined Show at the Carson Valley Inn on 7/3,4,5/06  Set-up is evening of 7/3. Show is 7/4-5. And take-down is afternoon of 7/5. We need to limit the number of entries per artist; to avoid the hanging problems of last year. Still need to firm up the costs with CVI.

Members Show at WNCC, Minden on 7/1 to 7/31. Receiving is 10:00 to 11:30 on 7/1; and take down is 10:00 to 11:30 on 7/31.

CVAA Scholarship Show at the CVIC Hall on 11/2,3,4,5/06. We need Show, Raffle and Flea Table Chairs; don't be bashful. it's a lot of fun, if everyone helps. We should start the search for raffle prizes now; while our donorís budgets are still available. In prior years, their budgets were already committed later in the year.

Treasurers Report given by Helen Martin. We're still solvent; maybe too much so. Only two of the four continuing scholarships offered were awarded. And
one of them was found by a member; not by our local schools. Both recipients are continuing at UNR and were recognized in the Record Courier. We need to get our schools interested in our scholarships. We're thinking of doing a poster that would grab the studentís attention, getting it approved by the school(s) and then getting it hung conspicuously at the school(s). Maybe able to get Nancy Bargman to help here.

Demos January was Pam Brekas on having fun with various paints, glazes and glitters, kitchen utensils, rollers, etc. The piece will tell what it is and when it is done, then wire it to hang it however it suits you.
February will be Anne Armijo, who has lotís of her delightful work hanging around our area.

For March, Margaret Biggs is considering showing how she does her oriental scenes.
Kate Aubrey, well known artist and Juror, was rescheduled from Feb to Apr. Anyone with other ideas for demos/programs please get with Mechele.
CVAA dues is now $25 for single member, $30 for family membership and still $5 for student membership.
For those of you who have gotten this far; ponder awhile and realize that if everyone helps a little, our CVAA will be successful in keeping the Arts at the forefront of our Carson Valley lives.

CVAA General Meting 1/27/06.1:30 Minden Library, Opened with a 2006 Year and a great crowd.
Old Business Minutes of the Nov Board and General Meetings were not read since they
were in the Jan Newsletter. There were no Dec. meetings. Since there were no comments, they were accepted as printed. Helen Martin gave the treasurers report. We're still solvent and it was accepted. Need sign-ups for refreshments at our General Meetings. If you have a favorite recipe or snack; please sign-up with Nancy Kilberg. Items for our CVAA Newsletter need to be to Helen Fanning by the 10th of the month. See the newsletter for e-mail and snail-mail addresses.
I read a letter from the Douglas County Library thanking us for our CVAA donation to their operation.
New Business Still need to design a poster getting into students heads/minds, i.e. It is easy to apply for and receive one of our scholarships. Pam Brekas is
substituting at three high schools and could help get the word out. Still need commitments to the Student Metal Sculpture Competition. Reiko Hervin will help, particularly in Smith Valley. Want to establish a special ribbon, for this competition, to complement the  People's Choice Ribbon. There are no other ribbons since the regular entries are not juried.
Need to chose an agency to select a painting from the March CVAA membership show at WNCC. The choices are Town of Minden, Record Courier
and Douglas County Library. We will vote at the Feb General meeting. The artist will receive $200.
Refreshments  from Nancy Kilberg and Beth Bosman were served.

Mechelle introduced Pam Brekas's Demo.

Respectfully Submitted
Ron Clarke

Carson Valley Art Association
P.O. Box 2048
Gardnerville, NV 89410

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