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May 28,2006
Time: 1:30 PM
Where: Minden Library

Demonstration by Luverne Lightfoot doing pastel. Watch for her Bio in the newspaper.

Committee Chairs

Publicity, Janice Frost 783-9626
Historian & Newspaper Editor  Helen Fanning – 267-9149
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2801 Wildhorse Lane, Minden, NV 89423-8844

Mini Show
Nancy Kilburg—783-3462

Carson Valley Show
Margaret Biggs 265-3867
H.S. Scholarship Committee
Beth Bosmans 782-5606

Refreshment for May. meeting is from Marge Buttles;

Message from President
       Our meeting was terrific. Billy's talk was informative and entertaining. Tears to our eyes and belly laughs with his sense of humor. We even got two people to chair the Scholarship Show in Nov. I hope everyone is ready for the mini show. I am. It should be a good one.
       June's Carson Valley Days Show is just around the corner, so prepare to create something new and exciting. I would like members to bring art tips, art cartoons, or art quotes to our next meeting for Helen, so she can add some of them to our newsletter to make it more interesting. At our last meeting I brought a copy of one of Norman Rockwell's painting and asked people there to comment on what the gentleman was thinking in the picture. Here are what people said.
       I like color.....But!!!      Was this taken from a plane       Well placed aha  !Mass confusion!   I wonder what it smells like?   Interesting !   It needs more blue..... I guess he expected to make a "Splash!"  I could do better! OH MY GOD! Watch out !  It might drip !  What is the WORLD coming to?  What am I seeing?  What is that supposed to be?  Where's the men's room?  I wonder about this composition....... If I act like I get it, maybe she'll come over here


Nevada Artist Association Art Show
       Go see the latest art show at the Brewery Art Gallery at 449 King Street in Carson City. There is a very nice array of great talent showing. The hours are from 10 AM to 4 PM Monday thru Saturday. Bring friends with you as they will enjoy not only the show but displays of jewelry, porcelain, bin art, cards etc.

Meeting Minutes
Meeting called to order at 1:40
Beth had several announcements;
When you have a painting in any show, it should remain in the show for the duration of such show. Please do not take any down early. If you are going to be out of town, call Beth or a friend to pick it up for you at the proper time for you.
A request for donations of paintings for the "Pops in the Park" silent auction was made by Linda Townsend. You can contact her if you wish to donate a painting for this most deserving event. The money raised goes for events in the area, plus music instruction for the youth of the area.
"Mini Show" is Tuesday May 16th. Receiving will be from 10:00 to 1:00.
Charge is $5 per painting, for two paintings. Reception will be Sunday May 22, from noon to 5:00. Bring finger food for the reception. There will be judging for the following ribbons; "Best of Show", 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 6 honorable mentions. Be sure to have your pictures there on time, they must be hung that same day. We will be having the show taped to put on Public Television, for advertising.
Scholarships: Beth needed someone to help on the board for judging the students work. Mechele Johnson volunteered. The judging will take place the second week of May. Four students from Douglas High School, and four from Whittell High school. The student must be taking an Art course and a C average, and something to show for the judging. If there are two deserving students we will award two $500 Awards. The group voted on this and passed
for this idea.
The Welding Contest was well written up by our local paper, but we only had one student apply, and do a project for the show. We are still going to have a show for that one person. maybe with a write-up in the paper, plus picture and money award plus ribbon , might encourage other to participate next year.
Carson Valley Days Show will be June 11th. Get your paintings ready for this, one of our biggest shows of the year.
July 4th Joint Show with Nevada Artist Association has been booked at Carson Valley Inn's Shannon Ballroom. The paintings are going to be limited to
Three plus a painting representing Minden, to go along with the Minden Centennial celebration going on the weekend before the 4th. This should be a
big show and need to know how many wish to participate. Sign up sheet will be at the next meeting.
We still needed a chairperson for our Scholarship Show. We had two people volunteer; Carolyn Denning and Sue Smith. Thank you for your show of hands. We really need more people willing to work for the good of our club. If we don't get volunteers, we cannot keep our shows going or have a place to
display our work. Think about this.
       The meeting was moved, to hear our speaker Billy Bliss, who entertained us with the history of "Romanticism" in art. Those who did not come to the meeting really missed on of the best speakers we have ever had. It was much enjoyed by all.
Mechele Johnson for Ron Clark

Carson Valley Art Association
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