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June 2006   NEWLETTER

Board of Trustees
President       Beth Bosmans           782-5606
V/President    Michele Johnson       782-6102
Treasurer       Helen Martin              782-8852
Secretary       Ron Clarke                 782-8035

Past Presidents & Member at Large
Michele Johnson                               782-6102

CVAA Website:
Gordon Pefley  Webmaster 

June 23,2006
Time:          1:30 PM
Where: Minden Library


Demonstration by   Mark Thompkins in watercolor. 


Committee Chairs
Janice Frost  783-9626
Historian & Newspaper Editor  
Helen Fanning – 267-9149
Email to: or
Snail Delivery to       2801 Wildhorse Lane, Minden, NV 89423-8844

Mini Show
Nancy Kilburg—783-3462

Carson Valley Show  
Margaret Biggs  265-3867

H.S. Scholarship Committee
Beth Bosmans 782-5606

Refreshment for June. meeting is from Linda Townsend;

Text Box: Schedule
            1st Board Meeting  10:00
            8th CV Days Show Receiving  10:30-4:00
            9th CV Days Reception  6:00-8:00
            11th CV Days Pickup  3:00-4:00
20th  Nevada Museum of Art Trip
23rd Regular Meeting  1:30
            1st WNCC Show Receiving  10:00-11:30
            2nd  CVI 4THofJuly Show Receiving 3:00-
            4th  CVI 4THofJuly Show  Pickup 3:00pm
            6th Board Meeting  10:00
            18th Mini Show at EFG Pickup  10:00-
            28th Regular Meeting  1:30
            31st WNCC Show Pickup  10:00-11:30
            3rd Board Meeting  10:00
            25th Regular Meeting  1:30





 Message from President
       I want to tell the membership that I was disappointed with the turn out at the last meeting. We had a great demonstrator and they missed a lot. If our members plan to enter one of our shows and can't make the meeting before, they should call the chairperson and sign up for a time to sit. Sitting is a fun time to get to know others in our organization and share art with each other and meet the public who come to see our show. I plan something to up date our web site and will talk about it at our next meeting. See you there.      Beth Bosmans

Meeting Minutes
1:30PM in Liz Johnson Room of the Douglas County Library in Minden
Pre-Meeting, since Margaret Biggs had to leave early. She reminded all to check the entry restrictions of no sawtooth hangers or other non wired work for the Carson Valley Days Show.
       Receiving is 10:30AM to 4PM        6/8.
Nothing is received after 4PM. Reception is Friday, 6/9,       6PM to 8PM.
       Bring your tasteful snacks and goodies for our invited guests. Be sure to sign up to help sit the show. You never know who'll show up at any time, and what you'll learn from them, besides showing and selling paintings. We'll fill in the sitting times at registration.
       We have one, maybe two, student Metal Sculpture entry(s) for the CVD Show.
A reminder to pick up your paintings from the Carson Valley Museum. They are setting up a new photo exhibit for Carson Valley Days.

1:45PM Demo
       Laverne Lightfoot gave an especially good, new insight on Plein Aire painting. Even though she's teaching, Laverne recently attended a Camille Przewodek workshop; who in turn has been studying under some of the leading eastern artists. As good as she has been in the past; Laverne passed on some valuable understanding of reading and presenting the lighting in the scene. You had to be there to appreciate it, even helped me with my understanding of lighting in my photography. Our demos are presented to help each of us improve the understanding our art. Laverne left at 3:15PM to beat the traffic back to Reno.
       Nancy and I regret missing our last meeting; at which Billy Bliss gave his usual keen, irreverent look at where art has come from and where it  is going.  He said it was stuff he had presented at the Brewery Arts Center; but he is never the same and always insightful. Those of you, who were not there, missed a good one. The attendance was low, it's time to get with the program we're presenting.

3:15 Regular meeting
The April minutes are in the news letter.

       Helen Martin gave the treasurer's report. Still quite solvent and able to afford the supplemental scholarships, the membership approved. Webmaster, Gorden Pefley, made a plea for information to make our website exciting and useful for all to use. We have gotten so many new members through the website. They accessed it, before coming to our area. We need images of our newer work in our photo galleries.
       Nancy Kilburg gave a report on the Mini Show at the EFG.  Details elsewhere in the newsletter. A tape of the show has been on the local CATV, Ch 26. It showed more of the EFG than the Mini Show; but we shared the cost.
       Our scholarship committee of Beth Bosmans, Mechelle Johnson and Robert Anderson have awarded four scholarships. This was the first time at Whittell and all five applicants were so good and well prepared; it was especially tough job selecting the winners.  The $1000 award went to Sarah Angstadt, for her completely computer generated work. The $500 award went to Sebastian Diaz, for his photography, he always has his camera with him. The committee missed the Whittell Annual Awards presentation and dessert buffet at the Edgewood Country Club. There were four talented applicants from Douglas. The $1000 award went to Niles Crowe, for his pottery and desire to be an art teacher. The $500 award went to Lisa Shumaker, for her general art and desire to pursue art as a therapy. All seem headed to UNR.
       Keep June 20 on your calendar for the CVAA field trip to the Nevada Museum of Art. We will have a Docent led tour of the Paxton Collection; followed by lunch at the Muse' Cafe. We will be carpooling from the Ironwood parking lot, by the theater, at 9AM.

        Linda Townsend is collecting paintings for the Reno Symphony silent auction at their 4th of July Concert. The concert will be at the Town Park, up the street; because the Mormon Park is under construction.
Linda Townsend, Mechelle Johnson and Dorrine Saduilak are working on the entry forms for the 4th of July CVAA/NAA Show at the Carson Valley Inn.  The number of entries per artist will be limited this year. Details at the June meeting.

The Cathy Quell watercolor workshop is        September 9-10-11 and costs $180. She will be presenting backlighting this year. There will be two days at WNCC and one day in Genoa.
       In this busy time, remember to have some paintings for the In House Show, at WNCC, 7/1 through 7/31. Details at the June meeting.

Mark Thompkins will be our demonstrator for the June Meeting.

Adjourned at 3:45Pm
Respectfully Submitted, Ron Clarke


Carson Valley Days Art Show
Starting this month, Lots of things going on
The CVAA Carson Valley Days Show, and the NAA Members Only Show.

CVAA Show will be June 9,10 & 11

NAA Show will be from June 12th thru July 22nd.

July 24th thru Aug 12th on the back wall of NAA gallery at 449 W. King St., Carson City will have 35 or more paintings of the same scene of the Carson valley river in the fall. It will be interesting how each different painter will interpret the same scene.

WNCC Show July 1st – 31st .

CVAA Miniature Show   May 21,2006
Best of Show 
Lynn Kelly - 'Wild About Wild Flowers' - Acrylic
1st    Lee Netzel - 'Valley Girls' - Watercolor
2nd   Linda Townsend - 'Good Old Times' - Pastel
3rd    Beth Bosmans - 'Coyote Brave' - Mixed

Honorable Mentions
Nancy Kilburg - 'Sunset Bliss' - Oil
Richard Rose - 'Ranch Hand' - Acrylic
Carolyn Denning - 'Caples Lake Rocks' - Watercolor
Nancy Clarke - 'Carson Valley View' - Oil
Marge Buttles - 'Cocky Cactus'  - Watercolor
Anne Armijo - 'Dancing Fleur de lis' - Watercolor

Judge:  Mark Tompkins


Carson Valley Art Association
P.O. Box 2048
Gardnerville, NV 89410

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