Runners coming, going in marathon art Provided to the Tribune September 22, 2006

Provided to the Tahoe Daily Tribune. Artist Robert Schimmel has created an image for the Lake Tahoe Marathon prints and T-shirts featuring a "wrap-around" design.

"Each of the past three years, the challenge to me as the artist for the Lake Tahoe Marathon has been to create something fresh, yet focused, on a few essential elements of the grand array of events and their spectacular environment," said Robert Schimmel, fine artist. "Given Lake Tahoe and Tallac as standards, Les Wright, the race organizer and director, and I decided to keep this year's image strictly about the runners and go with a unique horizontal image that would have a subtle, multi-viewpoint angle of vision."
The runners are coming toward you on one half and going away from you on the other half. Why? Because as a piece of fine art, the complete image could be broken up into a diptych (two images) if desired, and as a design for the T-shirts it could become an unusual "wrap-around," starting slightly off the traditional center on the front and flowing to the back of the shirt.
"Hence, one would see runners coming and going, giving Marathon Expo participants quality plus something different each year. This has always been a common goal for Les and me. We hope they (and you) will enjoy it from the starting line to the living room wall," Schimmel said.
For details on the artwork and available limited edition prints, go to or call Schimmel at (530) 542-2414.

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