Taking the struggle out of 'struggling artist' Tahoe Tribune 11/3/06
       Jack Shrawder, owner of Pentronics Publishing, will present a unique program, "To-the-Point Marketing for Artists," at the Nov. 8 meeting of Tahoe Art League. The goal of this program is to help artists increase their sales. The meeting is scheduled from 7 to 9 p.m. at the South Lake Tahoe Senior Center, 3050 Lake Tahoe Blvd.
       Jack and Penny Shrawder started Pentronics Publishing in 1988, and have been personally involved with small business marketing and sales for the past 18 years. They have teamed up as business partners in publishing, art, and digital imaging to incorporate a program that is based on their combined knowledge and experience of sales and marketing, principles, strategies, techniques, and assumptions.
       Who do people buy from? Why do they buy? How do they buy? These questions will be discussed and answered during this participative presentation.
       To-the-Point Marketing begins with the artist's individual research into their own art products and their local art market, business goals, personal expectations, beliefs, and assumptions regarding selling and marketing. Next, each artist must formulate a description of their unique marketing advantage. Everyone has a unique advantage, it just needs to be discovered, defined, clarified, and communicated. This presentation will provide suggestions and pointers for accomplishing this vital task before an artist starts showing and advertising their work.
       An artist has three markets that must be reached with a concise, consistent message. These three markets will be described in detail and suggestions will be given on how to define who is a prospect in these markets and how to reach them at a low cost. The advantages of synergistic marketing will be explained. Next, the various marketing options from which you can choose a specific direction that makes sense to you and your goals will be identified. You will see how to create your all important marketing calendar that will serve as your guide for building your personal brand throughout the year.
       Sales and marketing are not the same thing. Sales knowledge is necessary when you are face-to-face with a prospect. You will learn a list of sales basics that will help you turn more prospects into customers. This interactive talk will help you gain vital, practical knowledge of art marketing and sales. Then, you will be ready to put the power of To-the Point Marketing to work for you to increase your sales in 2007.
       For more on the Tahoe Art League visit www.tahoeartleague.org or call (530) 577-2604 or (775) 588-3579.

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