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November/December 2006 NEWSLETTER

Board of Trustees
President: Beth Bosmans 782-5606
V/President: Mechele Johnson 782-6102
Treasurer: Helen Martin 782-8852
Secretary: Ron Clarke 782-8035
Past President: Mechele Johnson 782-6102
Member at Large: Nancy Clarke 782-8035

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November 17th
Time: 1:30PM
Where: Minden Library

Demonstration will be
Sabina Bye
"How to Salvage Botched Watercolor & Acrylic Paintings with Pastels"

Committee Chairs
Publicity, Janice Frost 783-9626
Historian Helen Fanning 267-9149
Newsletter Editor Helen Martin 782-8852    Email to:
Mini Show Nancy Kilburg 783-3462
Carson Valley Show Margaret Biggs 265-3867
Scholarship Committee Beth Bosmans 782-5606
Scholarship Show Carolyn Denning 783-9639
2006 & Sue Smith 782-6725

Refreshments for the November Meeting
will be provided by Evelyn Yonkers

Results of the CVAA Scholarship Show 2006

Best of Show - "Finch Pond"
Ric Rose - Gardnerville
1st Place - "Sunday in Bed"
Rosamond Moranville - Gardnerville
2nd Place - "Born to be Wild"
Teri Sweeney - Gardnerville
3rd Place - "Valley Bar, Centerville"
John Soderman - Gardnerville
Hon. Men. - "Endangered Species"
Paul Ford - Minden
Hon.Men. - "Long Winter Hold"
Mechele Johnson - Gardnerville
Hon, Men. - "Reflections"
Janice Powell - Gardnerville
Hon. Men. - "Landscape"
Gayle Steinman - Minden
Hon. Men. - "Virginia City Tailings"
Bob Tompkins - Gardnerville
Hon. Men. - "Springtime in Yosemite"
Marilyn Weiher - Reno
People's Choice - "Born to be Wild"
Teri Sweeny – Gardnerville

CVAA President 2007

No Experience Necessary
Call: Helen Martin 782-8852
or Ron Clarke 782-8035

Message from The President

Well, the year is coming to an end. I wish to thank all who helped out this year. I felt we had a good year and it went by quickly. If you know of someone who would be a good demonstrator for our meetings for next year, please let me know.
       The scholarship show's quality this year was one of the best. We had some great artwork and there were lots of visitors. I wish to thank all of the members who contributed to the success of the show. I was a little disappointed that more of our members didn't help out at the show this year. It meant that a few of us had to do a lot more. We're sore and tired.
       I wish you all a happy holiday season. I hope to see new and exciting art from all of you next year.
Beth Bosmans


Note from the Editor – A big thanks to Ron/Beth Bosmans and Ron/Nancy Clarke for all their hard work at the Scholarship Show!

Love ‘ya, HM

Minutes for the October 26th Meeting

Beth Bosmans opened the meeting at 1:42.

Helen Martin gave the Treasurer’s report and all is still well: we're still solvent and able put on the Scholarship Show.

Beth spoke about some hard feelings about not wanting to release our member list for use in non CVAA business. Orla Onken mentioned that many association by-laws specifically rule against that and she would draft a section, to that purpose, for our by-laws.

Beth also mentioned that the Head Librarian had received some harsh words about the Library being closed for Nevada Day and having to shift our meeting to Thursday. Please talk to our officers and allow them to work things out with the Library. They have been very cooperative about us using the library and its equipment.

Reminder to pick up our miniatures at WNCC at 10:30 to 12:00 on 10/31.

Sue Smith spoke about the raffle prizes for the Scholarship Show. We currently have 34 prizes, with more to come. Beth mentioned we still have Elinor Skiles ceramics; which were not picked up after last years show in spite of many phone calls. And Betty Warner has also donated an original painting. We will publish the donors and donated items we have before the publishing deadline and then a thanks to all the donors in the post show wrap-up.

Eileen Merrill and Carole Morgan will again handle the flea market tables. Please give some pricing guide to help them.

Reminder that the November meeting will be on 11/17, the 3rd Friday, because of Thanksgiving.

We have sent Nancy Kilburg flowers as thanks for her hospitality in hosting our October potluck luncheon, white elephant gift exchange and tribute to Bob Tompkins for his many years service to CVAA.

I read Mark Tompkins letter of thanks and appreciation from him and his Dad for the recognition and gift certificate.

The nominating committee has filled all the working level offices; but still needs a President. We need someone to step up and see that all those workers do their jobs.

Adjourned for Carolyn Denning's refreshments at 2:15. Evelyn Yonkers will do next month’s refreshments.

The Demo was Cathy Quiel's watercolor DVD on painting trees and flowers from her Santa Barbara home base although she does workshops all over. She mostly did the local eucalyptus, oaks and palm trees; and I forgot

the little she did of flowers. One recurring theme, was that all the upper surfaces have a touch of blue from the sky. Santa Barbara is out of the smog belt.

Adjourned 3:14

Respectfully submitted, Ron Clarke

Jo Linda Smith’s "The Carson"

Many CVAA Members Did Well at the
NAA Nevada Days Show

Jo Linda Smith won Best of Show.

Pam Brekas won 2nd and Lee Netzel received an Honorable Mention in Acrylics.

Helen Fanning and Lee Netzel received Honorable Mention in Pastels.

Pam Brekas won 1st and Ann Armijo Honorable Mention in Mixed Media.

Ronald Wood received Honorable Mention in Photography.

Mechele Johnson won 3rd and Margie Leslie and Linda Townsend Honorable Mention in Watermedia.

Nancy Clarke won 1st, Sabina Bye 2nd, and Linda Townsend 3rd in Miniatures.

Ric Rose won "The Spirit of Nevada Award"

The show continues through December 8th at the Brewery Arts Center Art Gallery at 449 West King St. in Carson City.

Our Judge for the 2006 CVAA Scholarship Show was Diane Divelbess of Langley, WA. She is retired head of the Art Department at Cal-Poly Pomona and she holds an MFA degree from Claremont Graduate School.

She works in all painting media and printmaking and is affiliated with galleries in Claremont, CA and Langley, WA. We should feel honored to have had such a prestigious and personable Judge for our show. Special thanks to Carolyn and Sue for arranging to have Diane with us.

Juror’s Statement
CVAA Exhibit November 2006

It was an honor to be invited to judge this show and it proved to be a great pleasure for me as well. You have a good organization. One has only to look around the exhibition hall to verify not only the active participation of your members but also the high quality of the work on display. My only disappointment was being limited to 10 ribbons – I had initially thought I would have 10- honorable mentions to award, not 6, for example. I began by looking carefully at each piece and enjoying spotting the several works submitted by individual artists. Eventually I selected 29 art works to review for the 10 awards. It was challenging because I really liked all 29. It took a long time to subtract 19 pieces and it wasn’t easy! No artist received more than one award.

My criteria in judging this exhibit was not based upon subject categories or whether the work was representational, abstract or non-objective. Nor did I judge on the basis of medium – I don’t prefer one medium over another. I tried to look at each entry as an individual expression. Therefore I focused on those art skills which contribute to expression (color, value, line, texture – all the usual suspects), plus the overall composition and finally, the emotional quality of the piece. Of course there were many "intangibles" in the process. I was very happy to be able to meet many of you at the reception and to have an opportunity to discuss your work with you as individuals. Thank you again for this experience.
       Diane Divelbess

Ric Rose and "Finch Pond"
Best of Show at the Scholarship Show

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