Artist shares joy of art with others Andy Bourelle RENO GAZETTE-JOURNAL 1/20/2002
Ginger Rose loves to paint and loves to share what she knows about painting.
       "I知 a sharer," said the Brewery Arts Center teacher. "Basically that痴 what I do. I just love to share and encourage and have my students have fun."
       Rose, 59, a watercolor artist most of her life, has been an instructor at the BAC for six years. Her latest round of classes -- one for children, two for beginning adults and one for intermediate adults -- begins Jan. 28.
       "She is very well-liked," said Ann Suter, facility director at the Carson City arts center. "She痴 a very lovely person and an excellent teacher. People come back all the time."
       BAC offers weekly classes in watercolor painting, life drawing, oil painting, sculpture, adult and children痴 drawing, stained glass and more.
       Rose also has a demonstration scheduled for Feb. 12 at the King Street Gallery, part of the BAC, 449 W. King St.
A Southern California native, Rose moved to Carson City 21 years ago with her husband, Dennis. Although she had painted since she was a little girl, she said her dedication to the craft improved in Nevada.
       "This area is so beautiful. It just increased my art," Rose said last week, while working at her home studio.
She took classes at Western Nevada Community College and the University of Nevada, Reno, but in many ways, she said she is self-taught.
       "I知 kind of a natural in painting. It just kind of comes to me. I really love it," she said. "In some ways, I知 self-taught. I値l look at an artist I really like and say, 選値l learn how to do that."
       Rose痴 subject matter varies, but she paints many flowers -- pansies, poppies, roses and tulips -- using her own garden for the models. She paints landscapes, with familiar sites like Fort Churchill, Virginia City and Lake Tahoe.
       Her paintings range from realistic to fantastic -- to outright abstract.
Her medium of choice is watercolor, the most unforgiving of the painting techniques.
       "I really do teach a wide variety. I知 a watercolorist, but in my class, I try to give them everything I can so that they can have a good painting," Rose said.
       Rose has done demonstrations for the Nevada Arts Council and Sierra Watercolor Society, and her work is featured in the East Fork Gallery in Gardnerville.
She said she has sold countless paintings, sometimes $125 to $400 per work. Depending on the detail, paintings can take her up to 10 to 12 hours.
       A lot of her time is spent in preparation: taking photos, making sketches and getting ideas. She keeps exhaustive notebooks, showing step by step how a painting evolves to help her students.
       "I try to pass on my enthusiasm and my love for the medium of watercolor to my students," Rose said.
The BAC痴 Suter says she does a good job of that.
       "She痴 one of our very best," Suter said.

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